Nip to Madeira for a Nip of Madeira

Aug 18, 2017 by

Dear Members,

We are going to nip over to Madeira on the 2nd of October; the plan is for visits on the 3rd and 4th with the option to return on the Thursday 5th or stay over for longer. If you are interested in attending please email Geoff ( and Tim ( who can provide further details including the choice of hotels.

We are in touch with Blandys travel agents who will handle hotel bookings for you.  You will need to arrange flights yourselves however. As the price of these are likely to rise as we get closer to departure, it is recommended that you enquire and book sooner rather than later.

We hope to do 4 visits, including one vineyard (all still TBC) and a couple of lunches and a dinner/tasting (high estimate 50 euros per head lunch, 100 euros dinner). Transport 40 euros per head for the 2 days of trips (for the transport with driver 9am-5pm). For the Monday afternoon I am looking into the cable car 11.50 euros and the sledge rides 12.50 euros (can be done in a round trip up and down)

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